Ethiopia Aricha

jasmine, candied citrus, cane juice

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Cafe Imports sourced this beautiful coffee from their washing-station partners at Aricha, in the village of Edido, in the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. The coffee was produced by various smallholders in the region, growing Ethiopian heirloom varieties between 1850-1880 meters above sea level. Fully washed, this coffee perfectly represents the Yirgacheffe region with amazing clarity of flavor and tasting notes ranging from black tea and jasmine flower to juicy fruit gum, citrus and cane sugar sweetness.

Being able to display the Aricha name on this coffee is a big deal for us, and is due to the 2017 reform allowing cooperative washing stations in Ethiopia to sell their coffee directly to importers, rather than funneling them through the ECX. This enables producers to maintain their identity within a growing region and to sort out and negotiate fair prices for higher quality coffees. According to Cafe Imports, "Greater traceability allows us to buy more directly from the same washing stations year in and year out, and opens the potential for partnerships on a more micro level, with individual farmers or smaller groups within a community, to select out special lots."

We hope you enjoy this coffee as much as we do!