Mario Moreno

Honduras Mario Moreno

blackberry, caramel, cooked fruit

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A lot of folks are drawn into specialty coffee by its sense of community, and this Honduran coffee perfectly represents that value. Mario’s lot on the El Filo farm shares borders with his 5 brothers, on land gifted by their father, the legendary coffee producer Daniel Moreno. El Filo encourages neighboring coffee growers to achieve higher quality by sharing knowledge and allowing them to use their wet mill, raised beds, and solar dryers; all necessary tools to produce specialty coffee under their specific weather conditions. 

These farms rest in a series of hillsides in Santa Barbara, Honduras close to the jungle where rainy conditions make the drying process difficult. Some of the best coffee in Honduras comes from this particular hillside due the intelligent and innovative farmers working together to push and refine their coffee. Ambition and collaboration have made these producers the majority of this year’s Honduran Cup of Excellence top 10 winners. 

We are stoked to grab a few bags of this tasty washed Bourbon grown at 1550 masl! We taste blackberry, caramel, and cooked fruit!