Colombia Edmundo Chasoy

caramel, citrus, tropical fruit

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At the top of our "coffee likes" sit honey process coffees from the Western Hemisphere. The fermentation of the sugary, sticky layer of the coffee bean's mucilage always adds such a unique sweetness to it's flavor profile. In the case of Edmundo Chasoy's coffee, that means loads of tropical fruit notes!

This coffee is of the Caturra variety and was grown at Agua Linda, Edmundo Chasoy's farm located 30 minutes from the town of Aponte in Nariño, Colombia.  After removing the coffee's skin, the beans (covered in mucilage) are left to sun dry on raised beds for 40 days before heading off to be milled and exported.

Edmundo's coffee grows at 2200 meters above sea level, and was harvested late summer of 2018. Royal Coffee NY brought this coffee to North America through their partners at origin, Pergamino Coffee. Along with the tropical fruits, we taste caramel sweetness and citrus acidity with a juicy body that doesn't quit!