Finca El Paraiso

Colombia Finca El Paraiso

tropical fruit, currant, berries

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Our juicy, tropical Colombian coffee plug is back with the goods once again! Ernedis Rodriguez runs his beautiful 14 hectare farm aptly named El Paraiso, "The Paradise" in English, sitting at 1,840 meters above sea level. As a half natural reserve, half specialty coffee farm, Mr. Rodriguez produces specialty grade Caturra and baseline Castillo varietals to cater to the market. 

After picking perfectly ripe cherries, the coffee is fermented in cherry for 24 hours, de-pulped and then dry-fermented an additional 36 hours. After washing, the coffee is dried in a parabolic (raised beds) dryer between 18-25 days, depending on the climate.

We once again sourced this coffee through The Coffee Quest, who say Ernedis is one of the hardest-working farmers they know, "juicioso" as the Spanish saying goes. We are super grateful for the hard work done on the part of the producer and importer and as always, humbly hope we roast and serve the coffee to honor that!

*Origin photos and coffee info courtesy of The Coffee Quest!