Burundi Gahahe

red grape, bittersweet chocolate, oranges

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Keffa coffee has come through hard with this natural process coffee from the Gahahe washing station in the Kayanza province of Burundi.

Built in 1989, the name 'Gahahe' is taken from the igihahe trees that once covered the region. In the Kirundi language, the region was described as "kubavomere batumisha", which translates to "always covered in green".

Gahahe processes coffee cherries from over 1,250 farmers on the 16 neighboring hillsides. The coffee grows at 1800 meters above sea level and is all Bourbon variety.  This particular lot is a natural process.  In the cup, we get lots of strawberry notes due to the processing, but we also taste a really nice bittersweet chocolate note accented with red wine grapes.  It's clean, it's sweet, and it's ready to rock!

Washing station information and  photo credit to Keffa.