Honduras Isaias Fernandez

berries, wafer cookie, stone fruit

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We first bought Isaias' coffee through Collaborative Coffee Source in 2015. Not only was this the first time tasting his coffee, but our first time tasting coffee from the Santa Barbara region of Honduras. We were immediately enamored with all of it, and chose Isaias' coffee as a perfect example of the rich berry notes, lime acidity and caramel like sweetness common in the Pacas varietals of this region.

Since that fateful first tasting, we have been committed to buying coffee from Isaias each harvest and continue to be impressed by the cup quality and clarity of flavor his lots deliver.

This coffee was grown between 1500-1750masl and was fully washed on a shared processing facility at the Don Andres farm, where, as a third generation coffee farmer, Isaias keeps a plantation.

Remember when your favorite record label would put out a new compilation? That's how we feel waiting for this coffee each year.