Mexico Luis Ordóñez

papaya, golden raisin, honey

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We don't regularly have single origin coffee from Mexico on our menu, but we are hoping that changes for good because this coffee from Luis Ordóñez rules!

Luis' 26 hectare farm, La Piedra (or "The Stone"), which is large for a farm in Mexico, sets on the Mexico-Guatemala border in Amentenango de la Frontera, Chiapas, just miles from another popular growing region, Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Here, Luis has been growing washed granica and bourbon varietals between 1400 and 1500 meters above sea level for over 25 years!

He and his youngest son manage the farm together. Luis' goal is to grow his farm to 40 hectares, but lack the labor they need. Luis is lucky, however, many growing regions in Mexico face aging populations of farmers, some averaging above 55 years of age. Trends are seeing their children moving into cities, leaving their farming lineage behind.

At least we have peace in knowing that Luis will continue to produce fantastic coffee for years to come. His newly adapted goal is to open a wet mill near the border to service both growers in Mexico and Guatemala. This will really give back to his community by helping his neighbors gain access to the market and they can all grow together.

We taste papaya, golden raisin, and honey!