Burundi Musumba

blackberry, black tea, molasses

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Almost every inch of Musumba is covered in the silvery-grey of eucalyptus trees. Smoke billows up from the valley below where brick makers are hard at work (Long Miles Coffee Project). Named after the hill on which it is grown, this coffee grows between 1,800 - 1,900 meters above sea level in the cool shadow cast from the canopy of banana trees above.

Much like its hillside neighbor, Munyniya, these cherries make their way to the Bukeye Washing Station for processing. However, here, producers make a 5 mile trek on foot, trudging along steep hillsides and narrow pathways carrying heavy loads of coffee cherry on their heads. They could take their harvest to a number of washing stations closer by, but they know the trip is worth it to be met with trusted processing quality and receive higher premiums for their hard work. It's importers like Long Miles that make such a great impact, seeing the potential in places that would otherwise be overlooked.

We're excited for this inaugural feature next to longtime favorite, Munyinya! We taste blackberry, black tea, and molasses. Try them out side by side!