Nano Challa

Ethiopia Nano Challa

citrus, floral, honey

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Nano Challa is a washing station in Jimma, Ethiopia, processing 100% Organic coffees from 230 local smallholder farmers. The coffee is fully washed, heirloom varietal, and is grown around 2000 meters above sea level. Nano Challa has 150 seasonal employees, 95% of whom are women. 

Nano Challa is part of the Kata Muduga Farmer's Cooperative Union. This union is set on improving the life standard of the member farmers by enhancing the household level income through development of their direct marketing channels, returning earning dividends to producers.

We're just blown away by the clarity of flavors in this coffee, and taste a range of citrus, florals and sweet honey in the cup. As cold weather sets in for the northeast, coffees like this are a true bright spot!!