Burundi Nkonge

limeade, pineapple, roses

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We are straight up DELIGHTED to offer this washed process coffee from Ninga Hill in the Kayanza region of Burundi. The entire production and processing of this coffee was managed by the Long Miles Coffee Project, a now well established name in specialty coffee. LMCP manages a few hillsides and washing stations in Kayanza, including Heza, the washing station that processed this coffee.

Coffee on Ninga Hill is Bourbon variety and grows between 1941-2127 meters above sea level. "The high elevation of Nkonge fosters a harder, slower growing coffee bean. Natural springs find their way out of the hill, making sure its soils are always well watered. Patches of onions, tea, wheat, cabbage, maize, cassava and peas can be found growing alongside coffee in the hill’s rich soils." (LMCP)

Long Miles likens drinking this coffee to "Taking a long car ride on a beautiful day down a stunning coastline." Given all the citrus, tropical fruits and floral notes we get when brewing this coffee, we'd say that's a spot on description!