Burundi Nzove

dark chocolate, strawberry, lime

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Nzove hill sits in the Kayanza province of Burundi at 1672 meters above sea level, and is one of many producing sites in the area overseen and supported by the Long Miles Coffee Project. This coffee was produced by the 3,628 members of the Gatara Commune, who also rely heavily on cattle farming. 

LMCP's dedication to quality of life for their producing partners, and therefore quality of the coffee produced, is evident. Every coffee we've tried from LMCP has been outstanding! We chose this natural process Red Bourbon variety for it's dynamic and complex flavor profile, with super discernible notes of strawberry, dark chocolate and lime. The whole coffee cherries are dried for up to 30 days in the East African Sun and sorted for color, ripeness and defect. The commitment to quality is something you can taste!

Thank you to LMCP and Osito for sourcing this coffee.