Pedro Moreno

Honduras Pedro Moreno

cherries, currant, vanilla

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We LOVE coffees from Santa Barbara, Honduras, and are always super impressed by the lots that Collaborative Coffee Source sources there. This year's harvest marks the first time we've had coffee produced by a member of the highly regarded and sizable Moreno family, a "farming dynasty" according to CCS, who has been buying coffee from the clan since 2005.
Pedro Moreno has been farming coffee in El Cedral, Santa Barbara since 1965 and grows Caturra, Bourbon and Pacas varietals. He is a literal coffee patriarch, with 15 specialty producers under him, comprised of his sons and grandsons.
The Santa Barbara growing region borders jungle, which means a a lot of rain. While this climate is challenging to process coffee in, producers like the Moreno family have worked to meticulously control their drying and processing, resulting in coffees with unique flavor characteristics that are unlike any else in Central America.

This Pacas lot, grown 1500 meters above sea level and fully washed, delivers are very sweet cup, with tart currant and creamy vanilla jumping out, followed by cherry and caramel.
We can explore the wonders of Santa Barbara.