Ethiopia Raro

peach, flowers, tea

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Near the town of Raro, nestled between Hambela and Uraga at over 2000 meters above sea level, small holder coffee farmers grow Dega, an Ethiopian heirloom variety, on small 1-2 hectare lots.

These farmers take their coffee to the SNAP wet mill for processing. SNAP acts as an exporter as well, and was an early adopter to the changes in the Ethiopian Coffee Exchange which allowed for full trace-ability on small lots, and the opportunity to trade those coffees outside of the government system, "giving them the scope to source and develop quality coffee, and pair the right buyer with the right coffee." Our importing partner, Collaborative Coffee Source, goes on to say "SNAP COFFEE invests heavily in education for their outgrowing farmers (those who sell their cherries to SNAP washing stations) through training in processing and cleaning methods. They also invest in waste recycling systems and aim to have the majority of their coffees certified organic by 2021."

Guji coffees are some of our favorites, and we think you will really enjoy the lively acidity, tea-like finish, and peachy sweetness we taste in this one! It's kind of like the intro to "Sweet Child O' Mine", but coffee.