Ethiopia Shoondhisa Natural

peach, floral, berries

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We've been waiting patiently, and it's finally here! This delicious, naturally processed Ethiopian coffee is processed by the Dambi Uddo drying station. They buy cherries from about 100 small-holder farmers and separate them by sub-kabele (neighborhood). Most farmers in this region grow coffee on small farms, only a few hectares of land, often in their gardens alongside personal crops for their families' consumption. As compared to coffee farms in Colombia where the land is more dense with coffee trees, growers in Ethiopia produce in a semi or fully forested area. There is a much lower yield per tree and many fewer trees planted. 

We have the fun opportunity to compare two coffees from the same neighborhood processed naturally two ways: anaerobic and traditional! This coffee features Gibirinna 74110 and Serto 74112 varietals grown between 2,000-2,200 meters above sea level. After the under and overripe cherries are removed, this coffee from the sub-kabele of Shoondhisa, of the Suke Quto kabele, is fermented in cherry, then left on drying beds for around 25 days. 
We taste delicate peach and berries with pleasant floral qualities!