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SOPACDI (Solidarité Paysanne pour la Promotion des Actions Café et Development Intégral) is a co-operative founded in 2002 by Congolese farmer Joachim Mungana, who restored restored a washing station and started to service growers in the highlands around Lake Kivu by processing their coffee and giving them market access.

SOPACDI is now comprised of over 5,600 small scale farmers growing Bourbon varietals from 1460-2000 meters above sea level. The organization was the first in the country to receive Fair Traide certifications, and also carries an organic certification.

We've had coffee from SOPACDI a few times now, and most recently in 2018. When cupping this coffee we are always amazed at the combination of sweet and savory notes, from lemongrass to rooibos tea to tropical fruit and toffee sweetness.

Once again, big ups to Cafe Imports for bringing this coffee in!!