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One of the coolest parts of Super Tasty Instant Coffee is it's ability to preserve our favorites roasts long after they've left our warehouse. Gihere, a washed processed coffee from Burundi, was one of our favorites this year and we're stoked to continue enjoying it in instant format! Characterized by high acidity tasting notes like berries and flowers, this is great when made with just a touch of hot water, then shaken up over ice.

From the source, "Swift Cup reconsiders the entire production chain by starting with some of the highest quality fresh coffees available roasted with precision to maintain the nuance. From there, the coffee is very carefully extracted in concentrated form in individual doses, clarified to remove undissolved solids, and then slowly freeze dried to preserve those delicate nuances. It takes approximately 50 hours to produces 1 sachet of instant coffee before packaging. 26.5g of roasted coffee used per sachet."

How to brew it? A good starting point is 1g of instant coffee to 50g of hot water, or about 8oz of water per packet. But the fun doesn't stop there! Iced coffee, "espresso", milk drinks... all possible! In fact, add Swift Cup to any liquid you desire. Seriously, go crazy!