Dionar Alexis Useche

Colombia Dionar Alexis Useche

caramel, citrus, tropical fruit

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The CCS Acevedo Cup is an annual quality competition that brings together the entire community of specialty producers in the micro-region of Acevedo, a municipality in the south-easternmost corner of Huila, Colombia.  Acevedo is a jungle wedged between mountains, with a cool, moist microclimate. Even though the altitudes of coffee farms here are relatively low, the cooler nights mimic the effects of high altitude coffees, producing very sweet and complex cup profiles.

This particular coffee was produced by third generation coffee farmer Dionar Alexis Useche on his farm Los Alpes. The farm sits at 1450 meters above sea level and grows Colombia and Pink Bourbon varieties. His coffee placed seventh in the 2019 Acevedo Cup out of 39 accepted lots of coffee. From Dionar Alexis, "I feel so happy because this prize reflects the hard work we put into producing our coffee. It gives us motivation to continue working to improve the quality of our coffee to the world's standards."

We are loving this coffee as a v60, and get a super complex flavor profile with predominant notes of roses and cherry blossoms, and tart fruits like apples and currants.

Big props to Dionar Alexis for producing this coffee, Collaborative Coffee Source for spotlighting this region, and their exporting partner Fairfield trading for upholding strict quality standards of the producers they work with.