Nicaragua Un Regalo de Dios HONEY

black tea, molasses, apricot

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This stellar coffee comes from the 2021 harvest of Finca Un Regalo de Dios, a farm run by Luis Alberto in the Dipilto-Jalapa mountain range in northern Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua. Un Regalo de Dios sits on loose, sandy soil at 1350-1700 meters above sea level in a lush biodeverse environment.

The varietal is 100% Pacamara and the coffee is honey processed, dried for 20-25 days with the sticky mucilege left on the beans. The coffee was sourced by The Coffee Quest, who is continuously proud to work with a meticulous, award winning farmer such as Luis Alberto.

This is the third year sourcing coffee from this farm. Once again, the honey processed coffee is super sweet and complex. We're tasting black tea, molasses and stone fruit. Still tastes like RevolverĀ to us!