Ethiopia Ardi

berries, jasmine, cocoa

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Everybody's favorite natural, Ardi is an heirloom variety brought to us by Keffa Coffee and their partners in Sidama, Ethiopia who "ensure care and quality in the processing, sorting, storing, and shipping of this special coffee."

Ardi refers to "Ardipithecus ramidus", a fossil of early human kind discovered in Ethiopia.  It is deservedly Keffa's trademark coffee, as each harvest continues to bring clean, sweet fruits and pleasant florality in the cup. 

Ardi is the result of many small farmers growing coffee 1750-1950masl, who have brought their coffees to mill where hundreds of workers to sort out cherries for quality.  The coffee is dried on raised beds for 8-10 days, rotated every 30 hours.  After this the coffee is finished on a concrete patio.

We think this is a great educational coffee in it's representation of both variety and natural processing characteristics.  Entry level coffee people can easily spot tasting notes, and experienced cuppers can dive deep on the juicy body, smooth mouthfeel, and clean finish.