Colombia Astrid Medina

grapefruit, passion fruit, panela

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Astrid Medina is a third generation coffee producer in the Planadas region of Tolima, Colombia.  Her farm, Finca Buena Vista, sits close to 2,000 meters above sea level and produces Caturra, Castillo and Colombia varietals.

So far Astrid sounds like a typical Colombian coffee producer, but her exporting partners Fairfield Trading, our importing partners Collaborative Coffee Source, and your coffee roaster here believe her coffee and her story are something special.

Astrid and her siblings inherited the coffee farm when their father was killed during the height of internal conflict in Colombia.  This was 2006, and she quietly managed it with her husband and sister until 2015 when her coffee won first place in the Colombian Cup of Excellence competition.  In her words, "This competition lifted us from anonymity and introduced us to the world of specialty coffee. Many people were suddenly interested in visiting our region, tasting and buying coffee from Planadas. This really helped our region which was hit hard by the internal conflict in Colombia. The coffee producers improved their conditions, could invest in their farms and improve salaries for their workers."

We place a lot of trust in our importing partners, who in turn place a lot of trust in all of their partners at origin.  With this trust, we believe there is a confidence that starts with the producer and ends with us, serving you the tastiest coffees we can find.  When you drink this coffee, look for lots of pleasing acidity, characterized by grapefruit and tropical fruits, and a lasting sweetness that reminds us of panela, unrefined cane sugar that is another popular product of Colombia.  Dig it!