Ethiopia Bogalech

peach, black tea, cherry

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And just as mysteriously as they arrived, both of our naturally processed Ethiopian features are gone. No worries though, you can trust we will always have something to fill that hole in your heart <333

We are very excited to introduce coffee from Bogalech Duakkale! In the ever male dominated field of coffee agriculture, her coffee speaks for itself. If you enjoyed this year's rendition of Holiday Blend Ya'll, then you will be pleased to learn that this coffee made up 50% of the blend.

This JARC 74112 varietal is grown between 2,000 and 2,180 meters above sea level on their 4 hectare farm in the Sukke Qutto Kabele of the Guji Zone in Ethiopia. Bogalech and her husband carry on the tradition overseeing the farm they inherited from her parents who were also coffee farmers. Their coffee is then taken to the familiar, to Little Amps, Sookoo Coffee processing facility where the majority of deliveries are processed naturally.

The cherries are all dried at a centralized location on raised beds at an elevation of
2173 masl for around 15-20 days in very thin layers. They are moved and rotated
frequently to ensure even and precise drying. The net results of all the effort are
some of the most vibrant and pristinely clean coffees [Osito Coffee buys]. Unlike many naturals, they present with high florality and acid with very little booziness (Osito Coffee). We've learned to trust that anything our friends at Osito importers bring to us from Sookoo just gets better and better each time!

We taste peach, black tea, and cherry. Check it out!