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Genji Challa

Genji Challa

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Wowweeeeee, we couldn't be more stoked to bring Genji Challa back to the shelf!

Sourced from the Genji Challa kebele (neighborhood) in Gera, Jimma and meticulously processed by Mike Mamo and his team at the Telila washing station, this coffee is remarkable to say the least. Telila has really made a name for itself in the relatively short amount of time it has been processing specialty coffee. 

Telila sets itself apart for its painstakingly thorough drying and lot separation upon receipt. It is not uncommon practice In Ethiopia to group coffee lots together and simply name the coffee after washing station. Telila takes it a step further and keeps coffees from particular neighborhoods separated, thus increasing traceability back to its origins.

Mike's hard work has paid off as he has expanded his operations as Managing Director of Addis Exporter, an esteemed dry mill where Mike can keep his watchful eye over production, milling, and export. One could say that Mike has established himself as the leader in Ethiopian coffee production. 

This washed process JARC 74112 is grown at 2,000 meters above sea level. You can find a combination of smooth molasses, vibrant lemon acidity, and sweet black tea! Pick it up and put Mike and his team to the test! 

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