Ethiopia Shoondhisa Anaerobic

plum, cinnamon, berries

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We couldn't be more stoked to offer you this coffee. Anaerobically fermented coffees are new to our menu and it is so exciting to see how producers have been pushing the boundaries of what coffee can do. 
This process results in coffee that is both incredibly clean and deeply fruited, with complex notes of baking spices that aren't commonly found in coffees from this region. 

The Dambi Uddo drying station buys cherries from 100 small-holder farmers and separates them by sub-kabele (neighborhood). After the under and overripe cherries are removed, the coffee from the sub-kabele of Shoondhisa is placed in sealed bags, an oxygen deprived environment, for 72 hours. It is then left on drying beds for around 25 days. 

This Serto 74112 varietal is grown between 2,000-2,200 meters above sea level in the Guji zone of Ethiopia. Most farmers grow coffee on small farms, only a few hectares of land, in their gardens alongside personal crops for their families' consumption. We only have this special coffee in limited supply, so make sure you try your darndest to taste it for yourself!
We taste juicy plum and berries with complex notes of cinnamon