Costa Rica Finca Espiritu de San Luis

juicy strawberry, chocolate, caramel apple

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Finca Espiritu de San Luis is truly a Costa Rican coffee, with it's Villa Sarchi variety AND it's honey processing method both native to the county. Villa Sarchi was discovered in Costa Rica sometime in the 1950's and is a genetic mutation of the Bourbon variety, which has caused the plants to grow smaller. Honey processing started in 2008 after an earthquake rocked the country and caused a sever water shortage. Producers realized they could cut down on their water use by only removing the skin of the coffee cherry, and leaving the sticky mucilage on the seed to dry.  This adds a nice sweetness to the coffees, as some of the fruit's sugar content is retained.  This particular coffee is classified as a yellow honey, meaning most of the mucilage has been removed before drying.

Cafe Imports sourced this coffee and they work closely with many producers and mills in Costa Rica. This coffee comes from the Cerro San Luis micromill, and it's farm Espiritu de San Luis, located in Naranjo, in the West Valley of Costa Rica at 1650 meters above sea level. Cerro San Luis is run by two sisters, and most of their farms are run by family.

When we brew this coffee, we get loads of berries, apples, peaches and caramel sweetness in the cup.