Freeze Dried Gera

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It's often hard to say good bye to a favorite coffee, but preserving it in a freeze dried instant coffee format allows you to hold on to the memories as long as you can! 

This year's Gera lot from Limu, Ethiopia is a real crowd pleaser for it's upfront sweetness, accessible tasting notes, and pleasant, lingering finish. This made it an obvious choice for the freeze drier! We have so much fun seeing our roasts translate to instant format. Once again, everything we love about this coffee is perfectly represented in each little satchet of freeze dried goodness!

Swift Cup reconsiders the entire production chain by starting with some of the highest quality fresh coffees available roasted with precision to maintain the nuance. From there, the coffee is very carefully extracted in concentrated form in individual doses, clarified to remove undissolved solids, and then slowly freeze dried to preserve those delicate nuances. It takes approximately 50 hours to produces 1 sachet of instant coffee before packaging. 26.5g of roasted coffee used per sachet.

Brewing Instructions – A good starting point is 1g of instant coffee to 50g of water. There are 5g of coffee in each sachet so, 250g of water or around 8oz. You can easily adjust this for your preference in strength and add Swift Cup to any liquid you desire!