Colombia Group Mártir

black tea, red fruit, molasses

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Group Mártir is a 20 member coffee co-op in Huila, Colombia with producers spanning across La Plata into Itaibe, Cauca. They truly are some of the most passionate and innovative producers from the region. By achieving 5 of the top 10 finishes from Copa Occidente 2021, featuring 41 coffees entered by producers across Huila, it seems they've driven this point home by way of hardware. All 4 of our features from the competition are Group Martir members, including 1st place finisher, Jose Fredy Rodriguez. Their goal is to work together to share resources, technique, and expertise to produce the best coffee in the region, and we happen to agree!

Named after the venerated priest, Pedro María Ramírez Ramos or the "Mártir de Armero," martyred by a mob during La Violencia (10-year civil war between Conservative and Liberal Parties) in 1948 Armero, Tolima. Members demonstrate community and dedication, lead by Didier Javier Pajoy, who does not take a commission for his hard work. Unlike associations, producers are paid directly and not through a legal entity. The group maintains transparency and producers are paid fairly. (

Grown between 1700 and 2000 masl, we taste black tea, red fruit, and molasses.