Rwanda Kanzu

stone fruit, sparkling grape juice, oolong tea

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Kanzu washing station is located in the Nyamasheke district of Rwanda’s Western
province, bordering Lake Kivu as so much tasty coffee does. Our importing partner, Red Fox Coffee Merchants, says "Kanzu is a jewel of a place — organized and well-run, set against green hills of coffee, cassava, sweet potato, sugar cane, bananas, and beans at 1900 masl."

During harvest season, Kanzu employees 50 local people to work roughly March to July. This coffee is fully washed, dry fermented for 16-18 hours and then soaked for another 18 before drying on raised beds. The wastewater from the processing is treated to be reused by the local community.

We have a soft spot for coffees from Nyamasheke, Rwanda. When done right, like this coffee from Kanzu they're complex, yet clean, with notes ranging from oolong tea to stone fruit. We fancy this as an espresso, for sure!