Ethiopia Kedamai

melons, grapefruit, rose syrup

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This coffee from Oromia, Agaro, Ethiopia, is the second of three washed process Ethiopian coffees we purchased from the 2018-2019 harvests.  Why three seemingly similar coffees in one year?? The vast diversity of Ethiopia's native heirloom varieties, and distinct terroir of each the country's many coffee growing regions, could easily warrant an Ethiopian only menu. We'll stop at three!!

This coffee is grown between 1990-meters above sea level and is processed by the Kedamai Co-op, a 225 member cooperative based near Agaro town that is part of the larger Kata Muduga Farmers Union. Through Kata Muduga, 90% of the Freight On Board price of coffee goes to the cooperative, with members getting cash on delivery of coffee cherries and end of season bonuses, and member divdends base on profit after co-op wide expenses. Extra cash is also put into community projects including school constructions.

This coffee was brought to us by Crop to Cup importers. We taste lots of melons, citrus fruits and flowers, and find a nice syrupy mouthfeel with a really pleasant, lingering finish. Brew it hot over ice, while the weather is still warm, and make summer last in your mind while you drink it hot this winter.