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Our second Kenya release from the 2017 harvest comes from Gicherori factory, 1550M above sea level on the expansive slopes of Mt. Kenya region in Embu.

The factory was started in 1997 to relieve Kathakwa and Ndunduriof the old Kibugu FCS. It is currently affiliated to Kibugu FCS.

We sourced this coffee from Cafe Imports, who Coffee Management Services (CMS)to assist with factory production. From Imports, "The long term goal is to increase coffee production through farmer training, input access, Good Agricultural Practice seminars, and a sustainable farming handbook updated and distributed annually. Our wish is to establish a transparent, trust based relationship with the farmer, helping to support a sustained industry growth in Kenya, whilst bringing premium quality to our customers, and premium prices to the farmers. Through the pre-financing they receive, farmers are given advances for school fees and farm inputs. The factory manager is re-trained every year by CMS, in addition to field days being held by the minister of agriculture and agrochemical companies that deliver inputs to the farmers. Demonstration plots are planted at the factory to reinforce the best practices taught throughout the year."

This coffee is fully washed, with processing removing the skin and pulp with a disc pulper, which has three sets of discs to remove the skin and fruit from the inner parchment layer that is protecting the green coffee bean. 

The coffee is fermented overnight before it is cleaned and dried on raise beds, for anywhere from 7-15 days depending on climate and amibent temperature.

We are getting lots of sweet grapefruit from this coffee, wrapped in a juicy body with caramel and grape sweetness.  Kind of like a Stratocaster through a Princeton amp- clean, sweet, and complex if you know how to work it!