Kenya Kiringa AA

red currant, caramel, floral

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We couldn't pick just one coffee from the Long Miles Kenya harvest this year because they were all so delicious. If you've been enjoying the Nyamindi AA then our next feature from a neighboring growing region in Kenya will not disappoint! We are excited to introduce Kiringa AA, a complex coffee with red currant, caramel, and floral notes. 

Most coffee in Kenya is sold through the central auction system to the highest bidder which makes it hard to buy single producer micro-lots over subsequent years. “The Second Window” concept began in 2006, enabling the private sale between buyer and producer. It continues to be more difficult for producers without resources to produce high quality coffee and promote outside of the central market. Even when brought to a processing station, cherry is often mixed together making it hard to trace coffees back to their producers.

Enter Long Miles Kenya together with the Wachira Family! By refurbishing the Njowa Coffee Factory in Kirinyaga County, Mount Kenya, they service growers across the region and separate cherry by geographic area upon delivery. Buyers are lucky to have the opportunity to have access to beautiful coffees, such as Nyamindi AA, year after year. 

Furthermore, Long Miles employs one full time agronomist to work closely with producers to improve growing strategies. They also work with Akili Holdings Ltd. on reforestation initiatives in the region.