Ethiopia Lemma Mamo

peach, flowers, tea

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The Lemma Mamo washing station is located in the Kaffa region of Ethiopia, near the town of Shishinda. Smallholder producers bring handpicked Ethiopian heirloom varieties to Lemma Mamo to be processed and then dried on raised beds.

This coffee comes to us from Collaborative Coffee Source in conjunction with their partners at origin, Moplaco. Moplaco was founded in 1972 by Yanni Georgalis, a third generation coffee exporter in Ethiopia. Today, his daughter Heleanna runs things, and continues the legacy of exporting "ever-increasing quality coffee in spite of the complexity and challenges continually present within Ethiopia’s coffee production and auction systems."

We were blown away by this coffee when we cupped it earlier this year, and are excited release it, and allow it to carry the torch of washed Ethiopian coffee on our menu through the winter. This coffee is pretty complex and we taste lots of citrus and tropical fruit including limes and melons!.