Uganda Mabano

red fruit, cocoa, black tea

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We've been quite interested in exploring new origins lately. We think you can do no wrong in playing the hits year after year, reaching for guaranteed sweet and clean coffees from Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, etc. The classics, if you will. However, sometimes opportunity comes a-knocking and great coffee from a new (to us) origin winds up at your door. Brought by the friendly folks at Mountain Harvest, no less!

Mountain Harvest produces high-quality coffee grown on small, family owned farms scattered throughout the beautiful, extinct volcano Mount Elgon in Uganda, near the border with Kenya. At the Mabano Washing station, meticulous Processing Managers, Francis Kamuhanda and Uthman Mulawa, produce coffee from communities on 4 different hillsides: Mabano, Namesti, Itimbwa, and Bukalasi.

This coffee is fermented in cherry for 90 hours in a sealed drum, pulped, dry fermented for 24 hours until the pH is 4.2, and then fermented in water for 24 hours until the pH is 3.6. It is then washed 4 to 8 hours until the water runs clean and dried in a solar dryer rotating constantly for 15-18 days. Did I mention the Processing Managers were meticulous?!

A big welcome to something new! We taste red fruit, cacao, and black tea, and on the table we also got caramel, milk sugar, and strawberry. Safe to say it's complex and a fun coffee to drink!