Ethiopia Mitiku

melons, tangerine, floral

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Mitiku is a private washing station in Uraga, in the western Guji zone of Ethiopia, owned by Mitiku Alemayehu.  He processes coffees from small farmers in the region, who grow Ethiopian Heirloom varieties between 1800-2300 meters above sea level.

This super sweet and juicy coffee was brought to us by Collaborative Coffee, who in turn sourced it from Moplaco, their exporting partner in Ehiopia. Moplaco is run by Heleanna Georgalis, a fourth generation Ethiopian coffee exporter.  From CCS "Moplaco is constantly evolving to produce ever-increasing quality coffee in spite of the complexity and challenges continually present within Ethiopia’s coffee production and auction systems. "

We taste lots of fruits and flowers in this coffee, notably melons, oranges, and jasmine!!  Mitiku is a great representation of the care and attention to details at all levels of production, and we hope our roasts and your brews do it justice!!