Burundi Munyinya

molasses, black tea, tropical fruit

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The Long Miles Coffee Project first blew our minds around 2016, with some super unique, dynamic and complex coffees from the country of Burundi, which at that time was a totally new origin for us. Needless to say we were sold, and save room on our offerings menu for Burundian coffees every year, always from LMCP.

This year we selected two coffees from neighboring hillsides, both processed at the Bukeye washing station. Munyinya lies just beyond the border of Bukeye commune in Kayanza, and according to LMCP was, "the first hill that made us realize that Burundi coffee had the potential to produce amazing microlots." Washed process coffee cherries are hand sorted for ripeness, fermented around 12 hours, rinsed and then dried on traditional African raised tables for 16-20 days depending on the weather.

The resulting mix of terroir, hard work and strict quality control is a crisp and complex coffee, with tasting notes ranging from dark berry to caramel to tropical fruit. If you are still unfamiliar with the potential of Burundian coffees, this coffee is the perfect intro for ya!