Ethiopia Nensebo Refisa

citrus, black tea, cane sugar

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High up in the mountains of West Arsi, Ethiopia, sits the district of Nensebo, where, among other thigs, 576 small holder farmers bring their coffee to the Refisa washing station for processing. The end result is what we call Nensebo Refisa, a super sweet, dynamic, and complex washed process coffee.

Nensebo borders the Bale Mountains National Park, one of the few remaining natural forests in Ethiopia. The altitude here is high, and rain is abundant, creating a magic formula for exceptionally good coffee! Refisa is managed by Semeneh Alemu, who oversees a tight operation that prepares coffee for export by SNAP. In turn importers like Collaborative Coffee Source bring the coffee in to for folks like us, where we're just humbled by the opportunity to roast and serve it for you!

Complex is almost an understatement as we taste citrus, stone fruit, black tea, cane sugar and flowers out the wazoo! Seriously the perfect coffee to ride out the last days of summer with, jamming Lee "Scratch" Perry on the hi-fi, bare feet soaking in the kiddie pool.