Burundi Ninga

stone fruit, white grape, oolong tea

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Where to begin?!  For the third time in our roasting career we are lucky enough to have Burundian coffee produced through the Long Miles Coffee Project.  This is the second time we've had coffee from Ninga hillside, and we're just as enamored with it this year as when we took to the national stage in Brewer's Competition last year!

Our importer for this coffee, Collaborative Coffee Source, has been buying coffee from Long Miles since 2013, when Long Miles built the Bukeye Washing Station in the Kyanza province to process the coffees grown around the many hillsides in the region.  What CCS (and Little Amps) really loves about working with Long Miles is their dedication to increasing the quality of both the coffee and the lives of it's producers. They've worked hard to find ways to increase production capacity while innovating processing technology and techniques to produce better and better coffee in a region wrought with political turmoil and economic uncertainty.

Producers on Ninga hill are a good 22km away from the Bukeye washing station and they must cross rivers and dirt roads to get their coffee processed.  Years of political unrest have pushed the people of Ninga far up into the hillside where coffee trees abound.  These bourbon varietals, grown at over 1700 meters above seal level, are some of the most delicate and sweet coffees we have ever tasted!

Long Miles employs coffee scouts to work with each hillside, teaching picking and sorting and working on agronomy to continue to increase coffee quality.  It's possible that the program can grow to eventually house a washing station closer to Ninga hill.

Look for a sparkling lime and grape-like acidity, stone fruit sweetness, and overtones reminiscent of Oolong tea.  We recommend a clean filter brew of this coffee to contrast the King Tubby record you should spin while drinking it.