Colombia Noe Urrea

blackberry, red fruit, baking spice

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Our last, but you better believe not least, feature from Copa Occidente '21! Little Amps head roaster, Andy, traveled to Huila, Colombia with our friends at Osito Coffee importers to judge this open competition featuring 41 coffees from farmers across the Huila region. Here we have the 10th place finisher! ¡Salud!

Noe grows castillo varietal at 1,700 masl on his farm Las Delicias ("the delights," English translation) in San Juan outside La Plata. He ferments his cherries for 30 hours before a 36 hours dry fermentation. This cup develops greatly as it cools, revealing sweet blackberry, red fruit, and baking spice.

As a member of Group Martir, a 20 member coffee co-op spanning across Huila, Noe and his peers prove to be very passionate and innovative producers. We have been so impressed by all of the coffees presented by members of this group, as 5 of them placed in the top 10 of the competition. Their goal is provide the best coffee possible in the region, and Noe's proves their mission magnificently!