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Phoenix Blend

Phoenix Blend

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The Broad Street Market has always meant a lot to the residents of Harrisburg. It has been a place where people from all over town can come together in community. When the brick building caught fire in the summer of 2023, it came as a shock to vendors and patrons alike. 

Harrisburg has been through a lot over the years, from devastating floods to corrupt leadership; our town knows how to take a blow and push on. That's why we teamed up with Elementary Coffee Co and HBG artist King Prolifik to help raise some funds for the rebuild!

As a Phoenix rises out of the ashes to symbolize hope and rebirth, we want this coffee to demonstrate a unified effort forward. Imported by Mountain Harvest, a partner of both coffee roasters, this community mirco-lot comes from the southern slope of Mount Elgon in Uganda. Mountain Harvest has been able to develop one of their strongest relationships with this Makali community due to their social cohesion and ability to organize. We think it is well represents our efforts here. 

We taste cane sugar, cocoa, and citrus fruit.  

Shouts out to King Prolifik for the dope design!

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