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citrus, molasses, apple

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As by far the largest coffee-producing country in the world, Brazil has a substantial impact on the coffee market. So understandably in 2020, when Brazil experienced its worst drought in 90 years, the market saw a coffee drought and prices hit record highs. Other unpredictable environmental factors, such as heavy frost and hail storms, attributed to climate change have made for irregularity in the coffee market.

Luckily for Argeu and Aristeu Possimoser in Espirito Santo, self-reliance has kept them sustainable. The family farm grows Red and Yellow Catuaí at 950 masl, given that the 7 wells on their property have yet to run dry (*knocks on wood*). They control their processing by running their own depulping machines, washing and drying their coffee on site. Banana trees intermingle with their coffee plants to naturally provide shade and a break from the wind.

As many of their neighbors make way to farm new commodities, such as poultry, the Possimoser brothers continue to cultivate award-winning coffee as they have been for a long time. We are stoked to be a part of it by adding this tasty coffee to our menu for you to try!

We taste Citrus, Molasses, Apple