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Ratnagiri Natural

Ratnagiri Natural

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Check out this wild and awesome coffee from Southwestern India!

Wild because this coffee is left to ferment for 90 hours, which can sometimes result in coffees tasting "over-processed" or unclean, however, producers Ashok and Divya Patre have so much control over the process that their coffees turn out remarkably clean, complex, and interesting! Which is awesome.

Ashok is a 3rd generation producer at his family's 108 hectare farm, Ratnagiri, in Chikmagalur at 1,335 meters above sea level where they have been growing specialty coffee and fine pepper for nearly a century.  He and his wife Divya have developed the farm into one of the most impressive operations Osito (importers of this coffee) has seen across the coffee-producing world! Knowing that the terrior in India is somewhat limiting, Mr. Patre has invested in precise processing methods that produce coffees that are unique and compelling. 

This Cavery varietal is harvested off the tree when the coffee cherry is at 24.8 brix and placed in stainless steel fermentation tanks purged of oxygen by using carbon dioxide. It ferments in the tank for 90 hours and is moved to raised beds to dry for 29 days.

It is a labor of love that you will taste! We found notes of plum, jasmine, and milk chocolate.

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