Colombia Sur de Huila

citrus, toasted nuts, milk chocolate

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Colombia produces more Arabica coffee than any other country in the world, and contains many distinct growing regions, producing coffee with unique flavor profiles from each other. After years and years of tasting Colombian coffees, we've gained a particular affection for for coffees from Huila. Our newest year round offering, Sur de Huila is meant to showcase the balance, sweetness, and complexity of this highly coveted coffee growing region. Located high up in the mountains of Colombia's Central Cordillera, Huila has a relative lack of distinct wet and dry seasons, and therefore experiences more than one coffee harvest in a year, making it possible to represent the region with fresh coffees year round!

This first iteration of Sur del Huila hails from Tarqui. It was grown between 1,700-1,730 meters above sea level and was produced by Alexander & Yanet Trujillo and Andres Guarnizo. The varieties that comprise the lot are Caturra, Typica, and Colombia. We taste citrus, toasted nuts and milk chocolate, and highly recommend this coffee as a go-to daily drinker!