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Ninga Hill

Ninga Hill

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The Ninga community is far beyond the reach of electricity. Even the glass bottles of Coca-Cola that usually find their way into tiny roadside shops are difficult to find on Ninga. Coffee trees occupy any space they can on this hill from the edge of the single-track dirt paths that weave through the hills to the doorsteps of farmers’ self-made mud-brick houses. Ninga Hill produces elegant and complex coffees, with flavors that are layered and not at all muddled.

The Ninga Washing Station services 764 farmers, 123 of which are women, growing between 1,800 and 2,000 meters above sea level. This Bourbon variety is a washed process coffee freshly harvested and delivered by local farmers. It is floated and hand-sorted for ripeness upon arrival. The cherries are pulped and undergo a single fermentation process. Parchment spends around twelve hours dry fermenting. It is then rinsed in fresh water, graded by density and left to soak for another four to six hours in the final rinse tank. The parchment is carried to covered drying tables where it spends between six and fourty-eight hours pre-drying. During this time, it is hand-picked for under-ripeness, over-ripeness, insect damage and visual defects. It is then moved to traditional African raised tables where it spends between sixteen to twenty days slow drying (depending on the weather) until it reaches the desired 10.5% moisture level (Info courtesy of Long Miles Coffee Project).

Burundian coffees passed us by last year so we're happy to bring this delicious feature back to the menu! We taste plum, chocolate, and baking spices

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