Ethiopia Yachi Kachise

candied cherry, melon, rose

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Sitting between 1800-1900 meters above sea level in the Jimma zone in Southwestern Ethiopia sits almost 18,000 smallholder farmers belonging to the Kata Maduga Union.

Unions like Kata Maduga work to provide it's coop members with finance, marketing, harvest and document services. Kata Maduga, located near the town of Agaro, is a newer union, formed by 35 coops in 2016. This union aims to improves its members lives by providing direct marketing to buyers, enabling them to receive a better price for their coffee and therefore enhancing household incomes.

The Union makes sure that the majority of its proceeds go back to the coops and are distributed to its members as well as to coop expenses and social justice projects in the region.

This coffee is a fully washed Ethiopian heirloom variety and showcases the mild acidity and sweet floral characteristic of Jimma coffee. We especially taste rose, lavender, honeydew melons and tart cherry, and think this coffee would shine anywhere filter coffee is brewed!