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Harrisburg, PA coffee roaster concludes rebrand with colorful new packaging.


[HARRISBURG, PA, 6/20/2019]  After 9 years of sourcing, roasting and serving coffee to customers around the country, Little Amps Coffee Roasters has updated their visual identity and coffee packaging, making a jump from brown kraft bags to a colorful, allover print design.


The branding and bag designs were produced by Little Amps founder Aaron Carlson, partner and wholesale manager Peter Leonard, and Lancaster, PA based graphic designer Brandt Imhoff. According to Imhoff, “A big part of the rebrand was introducing color and a fun new illustration style that can become its own world. The goal was to create something timeless, but also playful and fun.”


Leonard, who buys green coffee and manages marketing and sharing those coffees with wholesale partners, says "Over the past year and a half (but in theory, years) we've been plugging away at all new packaging that matches the hard work and intention we put into our coffee program. We are super inspired by weird old tube amps, Blue Note era album art, classic beer cans, American psychedelia, and all things bold and colorful. We wanted the bags to stand out among all the great coffee design coming out right now. We wanted the packaging and branding to echo the warm, fuzzy vibes we get from sourcing, roasting, and sharing delicious specialty coffees, and how much fun we have doing all of it.”


The 12oz retail bags are printed by Pacific Bags, Inc through their Biotrē™ packaging line. The bags are made from 60% renewable plant based resources, and are 60% compostable. They are available at all Little Amps locations and online beginning June 21.


Little Amps was founded in 2010 by Carlson, after moving back to Harrisburg from the Bay Area in California, where he landed after touring around the country in bands. It was there he witnessed now ubiquitous specialty coffee companies like Blue Bottle and Ritual opening shop, and serving coffee unlike any he had before. Carlson saw an opportunity to bring the specialty coffee experience back to his hometown. “The goal has always been to roast the best coffees we can buy and serve them in a way that is fun, welcoming and respectful to all involved.”


Little Amps Coffee Roasters is a  wholesale coffee roaster and retailer with three locations in Harrisburg, PA. They are in constant pursuit of tasty coffee and chill vibes and are always open looking for friends to join them.




If you want to know more contact Peter Leonard at (717)736-1863 /


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