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And in the cold of winter there appears a hero, a warm reminder of sweeter times...

Bookkisa comes to you from the Dambi Uddo drying station in Shoondhisa, Ethiopia. Cherry is separated by sub-kabele upon delivery, enhancing greater traceability back to their respective neighborhood. 

Ture Waji, with Sookoo Coffee, produces Gibrianna 74110 & Serto 74112 varietals way up between 2,000 and 2,150 meters above seal level. These varietals were catalogued by the Jimma Agricultural Research Center in 1974 to produce high yielding and disease resistant trees that maintain high cupping scores.

The Dambi Uddo drying station buys cherry from around 100 small holder farmers averaging farm sizes of 2.5 hectares. Many farmers grow coffee in their gardens alongside personal food crops. In comparison to greater producing countries like Colombia, yields tend be smaller, both in yield per tree and fewer tree per hectare. Planting takes place in semi or fully forested systems. 

We taste juicy berries, citrus, and hops! Warm up with a sweet treat
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