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Terrazas del Pisque

Terrazas del Pisque

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This is our very first featured coffee from the heart of the South American coffee belt, Ecuador! Overshadowed by neighboring coffee giants Colombia, Brazil, and Peru, this small country, about the size of Colorado, possesses one of the most biologically diverse landscapes in the world. It would be at no surprise to discover the potential for incredible coffee from the region, and we believe we have in Terrazas del Pisque! 

The farm rests at a staggering 2,080 meters above sea level along the equator in Pichincha, Quito, Ecuador's capital city. Managers Sebastian Garcés and Arnaud Causse have around 10,000 coffee trees on 17 hectares growing varieties Red and Yellow Caturra, Pacamara, Las Tolas, Bourbon, Java, and Sidra. They maintain regenerative agriculture, a focus on “leaving nature to do its job” and a full stop on chemical inputs, greatly benefiting consistency and flavor crafting. Some strategies include keeping chickens to help combat larvae, Pelibüey sheep to graze and fertilize, and pollinating bees. On top of that, they create their own charcoal from fallen branches or pruned trees, which they grind and return to the soil.

After the ripest of cherries are picked, they are floated to remove over/under-ripes and washed with clean water. The coffee is de-pulped and left to ferment in tanks for 48 hours, and dried in African beds for 15 – 18 days, depending on the weather.

We're excited to share this very limited supply in only the second year our partner's at Coffee Quest have worked with these producers! Make sure to pick some up to get a taste of sweet orange citrus, red apple acidity, backed up by notes of brown sugar. 

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