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Salvador Guzman

Salvador Guzman

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Knowing the quality coffee that Collaborative Coffee Source imports from Honduras, we were excited to sample over a dozen great coffees from their offerings and narrow it down to just 3: the tried and true from Isaias Fernandez, a former favorite from Mario Moreno to be released later this year, and this fruit punch from Salvador Guzman! 

Don Salva (as he's called) purchased his own farm in Santa Bárbara from the profit of his first ever potato crop. On his farm, El Pino, Don grows a variety of crops alongside his coffee, including plantains, cabbage, and bananas. He grows his Parainema and Pacas varieties at 1500 meters above sea level where, after harvest and de-pulping, the beans are dry fermented for 14 hours, washed 6 times, and flushed through a canal. They are then dried in solar dryers for 10 days where defects are removed by hand and the coffee is circulated every half hour to ensure even drying. 

“I am so happy that you consume my coffee. Coffee costs us a great deal to produce, but we do it with great pride, to move our family and our country forward. To the buyers, please don’t abandon us, we hope to keep working together.” - Salvador Guzman via Collaborative Coffee Source

This coffee is so delicious; the first thing we tasted was the tropical fruit, particularly, pineapple with the acidity of candied lemon and a nice depth of complexity rounded out with floral notes. We're stoked for you to give it a try! 

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