Isaias Fernandez

Honduras Isaias Fernandez

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*One more shot at this coffee from Santa Barbara is coming to us from the late harvest.  Most of this coffee went to west coast roasters, but we were able to snag a few more bags from one of our favorite producers!*

This year marks the third harvest in which we've been lucky enough to buy and roast Isaias' coffee.  We're really enamored with the Santa Barbara region in general, and Isaias' coffee is a perfect example of the rich berry acidity and caramel like sweetness common in the Pacas varietals of this region.

This coffee was grown between 1500-1750masl and was fully washed on a shared processing facility at the Don Andres farm, where Isais has a plantation.

As a third generation coffee farmer, we can really taste the experience and dedication Isaias puts in to his coffee, and we are honored to share it with you!