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Washed Process Bookkisa

Washed Process Bookkisa

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They're back baby! We absolutely love any Ethiopian offerings coming out of Sookoo Coffee and are so stoked to bring back a familiar face. This time, as a clean, washed process.

Quick teaching moment for those interested. Natural processing refers to leaving the coffee seed within the coffee cherry fruit for a time to ferment. This process can introduce lots of interesting fruit character to the end result, as opposed to washed process, where the seed is removed and washed clean of all its fruit pulp before fermentation. The purist may only rep washed process, but as processing advances through scientific methods, both processes present their own wonderfully unique flavor profiles! 

This variety consists of Gibirinna 74110 and Serto 74112 grown between 2,000 and 2,150 meters above sea level in the Hanghadi Kabele of the Guji Zone by the "King of Guji" himself, Ture Waji. Sookoo originally focused on naturally processed coffees exclusively, but this Bookkisa, named after the nieghborhood in which it's grown, is the first they have offered as a washed process! We taste grape, lemon, and jasmine. 

Importers Osito Coffee know Ture to be the authority of knowledge on the land, the people, and the coffee, and have been working with him since Day 1, signing his very first sales contract. There's no mistaking the quality behind this coffee, check it out! 
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